Synopsis “Love Has No Education”

Roxana Chávez shares her journey through the horror of losing her freedom in a strange country, getting into a train whose only destination would be the hell’s anteroom and in whose stay arose a nostalgia that take us to do a count of different stages of her life, exposing unknown experiences to the readers that have followed her through 40 years of artistic career.

The life experience of the legacy bequeathed by her great aunt Ana Frank was reflected in many difficult moments from which only her courage could push her forward, allowing her to continue being the strong woman that’s afraid of nothing and is always prepared to fight for justice, love and compassion among her inner circle.

In this work a real-life legend is narrated that has no more intention than leave a legacy for those who, at any stage of their life, had gone through tough times so that they can find hope and faith, being sure that, after dark the light shines, and that impossible dreams do not exist.

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