Giordanna Nahoul Foundation

Giordanna Nahoul Found.

Center of Special Education


The Fundación Giordanna Nahoul, I.A.P. (FGN) was born in 1993, and is registered at the Junta de Asistencia Privada, I.A.P. (JAP) under n° 0480. Its esence and reason to exist is the treatment for the rehabilitation of children and youngsters with all types of brain and neurological problems. In the beginning, the FGN introduced Dolphin-therapy in Mexico, and during that time we have treated more than one thousand children and youngsters with excellent outcomes.

Activities of the Fundación

In the Centro de Educación Especial we provide the following personalized rehabilitation therapies, with professional support:
* Phsyical and neurological assessment * Physical and occupational therapy * Nutritional counseling * Psychological therapy for parents and their children * Speech therapy * Occupational therapy * MRI studies * Gastroenterology * Dermatology * Neurology *Musical therapy * Ear Nose and Throat * Care by specialized physicians * Pediatrics *Hydrotherapy and, in addition, those that may be required depending on the needs of our children.





Rehabilitate the kids and youngsters with different types of handicaps, such as cerebral palsy, psychomotor retardation, autism, Down Sindrome, West Syndrome (epilepsy), Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, microcephalus, hydrocephalus, Salomon Syndrome (among others) providing them with the tools needed for their rehabilitation, with the goal to provide them with independence, and in many cases, reinstate them back to regular schools.




Continue with precise diagnosis, providing highly technical and human physical and psychological treatment for children and youngsters in the range of 4 months to 27 years, as well as guidance and psychological support for their parents and close relatives , such that they learn to accept the reality of living with a special child, and thus take work and chores to their home. Furthermore, depending on the funds procured for this purpose, we will schedule courses and special seminars of academic optimization for all therapists and teaching staff of the Centro de Educacion Especial.



All efforts by the Fundación are permanently monitored by the Board (Patronato) and the JAP; from the beginning, a clinical record is created with the hsitory of the newly arrived , including general data, clinical background, the reason that prompted the parents to search for professional help , and the date of care. The academic committee holds daily meetings – at the begining of the day – with the teaching staff to review the course of action for each of the patients being treated..
Every quarter, with the support of the medical and teaching staff, an evaluation of the progress of each patient is done, in order to have the needed foundation for a responsible treatment. Also, an assessment is made taking into consideration the point of view of the patient’s relatives.



Via street collection with cans (boteo)
Donations in cash or kind
Sponsors that offer scholarships for each patient with a fixed monthly donation of $5,000.00 MX.
Theater Productions – Nunca es tarde…¿Para amar?, Ni
Golfa ni Santa, Por Siempre Frida
Help Networks (fixed charge to credit card)
Symbolic sale of seats in our theater
Symbolic sale of space in our facility
Bazaar, Different Events, etc.


The Fundación has the most adequate infrastructure for the rehabilitation of the kids: two contiguous houses that have been enabled as a service and support center, including medical offices, physical, occupational , speech, and game therapy areas,
artistic activities, 2 multipurpose rooms, 7 classrooms, one swimming pool, two kitchens, one dining room, 8 bathrooms, 3 offices and one meeting room. These facilities meet the proper condition to provide the best quality of care.


We would be delighted for you to visit us and get a better understanding of our work.
¡May God bless you !
Vía Láctea # 43
Col. Prado Churubusco
México, D.F. 04250